Family Therapy

Family dynamics can be difficult waters to navigate. As family members change and grow, the family relationship must follow. At Saguaro Behavioral Health we believe that a family is a “unit” and psychotherapy is conducted as such. Meaning, we treat the family system as a whole instead of as individual members. This is a unique and dynamic approach that has been effective.

Marnie Zang Katularu LPC, MSC, NCC, offers families in the greater Phoenix Area a safe and compassionate place to work out their differences and move forward. For more information, call or fill out the online form to request an appointment.

What Is Family Therapy?

Saguaro Behavioral Health defines a family as a group of people who provide each other with strength when one is weak, hope when one is sad, and support when one is weak. Family does not necessarily have to be blood-related individuals and as times change, so should your family therapist! Family therapy can help with issues such as anger, resentment, poor communication, and disagreements. As mentioned earlier, the family is the “identified client”, but each individual will also be asked to examine behaviors that are contributing to distress in the family system.

When Is Family Therapy Appropriate?

There is no such thing as a “perfect family”. Family systems are made up of diverse human beings with diverse personalities and even more diverse backgrounds. In order for a family to function as a healthy system, there must be boundaries, honesty, and open communication.

The most common reasons why many families seek therapy:

  • Substance abuse
  • Poor communication
  • Behavioral problems in children
  • Untreated mental health disorders such as depression, eating disorders, and anxiety
  • Sexual abuse
  • Caring for elderly members
  • Grief and loss

This list represents only a small example of issues that plague families.

What Methods Are Used in Family Therapy?

Therapists use many different types of techniques when counseling families. Typically, treatment begins with group counseling and sometimes individual family members will be asked to come in for sessions to explore underlying issues that may be contributing to discord in the family system. Sometimes the therapist will assign homework for family members to complete in between sessions.

The clinicians at Saguaro Behavioral Health use every tool available to restore the family unit to a harmonious and healthy system. To explore your options in family therapy, call the office or request a consultation using the online scheduling tool.

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